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schedule :['skedʒul] 计划表;日程安排表 They have planned a tight schedule of travel. 他们安排了一个紧凑的旅行日程。

schedule calendar list agenda 都可以 例子: 我会给你我们的日程表。 I will give you our schedule. 你可以找到这样的时间,在你的日程表上作出标志。 Yes, you can find that time. Schedule an appointment on your calendar.

calendar [美] [ˈkæləndɚ]   [英] [ˈkælɪndə(r)]   n. 日历; 历法; 日程表; (一年之中的)重大事件(或重要日期)一览表 vt. 把…记入日程表中; 把…列入表中; 为(文件等)作...

Team Status Meeting Agenda Subject: Date: Time: Location: Meeting Manager: Attendees Invited: Please Read: Please Bring: Agenda Topics: 1. Announcements: • Scheduled events • Customer News • News from Project ...

7:30 am Get up 8:00 am breakfast 9:00 am Homework 11:30 am Play with my sister 12:00 lunch 13:00 pm Noon break 14:30 pm Homework 16:00 pm Surf the Internet 18:00 pm Dinner 19:00 pm Watch TV 21:00 pm Go to bed

On Monday I will have a meeting at 4:00. I will go shopping with my parents on Tuesday. I will go the cinema withTim on the night of Wednesday.

the schudel of courses

Schedule on tour Tour arrangement

Look! This is my timetable. It's 6:05. It's time to get up. It's 6:40. It's time for breakfast. It's 7:05. It's time to go to school. It's 11:20. It's time to go home. It's 12:00. It's time for lunch. It's 1:35. It's time to go...


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