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schedule :['skedʒul] 计划表;日程安排表 They have planned a tight schedule of travel. 他们安排了一个紧凑的旅行日程。

schedule calendar list agenda 都可以 例子: 我会给你我们的日程表。 I will give you our schedule. 你可以找到这样的时间,在你的日程表上作出标志。 Yes, you can find that time. Schedule an appointment on your calendar.


Technical Investigation Schedule for Algerian Delegation 说明:1)技术考察用inspection不合适,那是检查的意思,上面派下来的可以用。国外来的还是用investigation(调查研究)合适,或者用visiting也可,访问的意思。 2)代表团肯定用delegatio...

写一六的日程表带翻译 Write 16 schedule watchband translation

7th June /Mon Go to Tokyo Flight 17:05-10:25pm Check in Hilton hotel 8th June/Tue Lunch with Mr.Lee, topic: R&D of Product 9th June/Wed 10:00 Meeting with Mr.White 10th June /Thu 9:00am meeting preparation 14:00 Business meetin...

在今年的五一劳动节,平时很忙的妈妈终于放下工作,和我们全家一起兴高彩烈的去旅游。 人流拥挤的五一,好不容易把车停好。买完票,我们便坐了半个小时的船来到了上川岛。上川岛虽说只是一个小岛,设备可是一点都不少,在茫茫大海中孤立的岛竟然...

A wind and the calendar of the afternoon, me and my mother, cousin and the cousin yo dog to clean air, scenic Geleshan play. Small colorful flowers to welcome our arrival with a smile; Xiaocaohu their small head out and waved t...

On Sunday Linda gets up at 7:30.She has breakfast at 8.She does her homework at nine.She has lunch at twelve.She goes shoping with her freinds at two pm.She watches TV at 7:30 pm.Her bedtime is 9 pm.

美式是这么说的 Pick-up: 8:00 am/pm


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