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其实土拨鼠又叫旱挞哈拉、雪猪、曲娃(藏语)。松鼠科,旱獭属,是松鼠科中体型最大的一种,我国有四种旱獭:蒙古旱挞长尾旱挞喜玛拉雅旱挞阿尔泰旱蹋 听说它们出洞活动期间,对外界动态的反应非常灵敏,也许因为这点与狗灵敏的嗅觉相似,所以称为d...

The prairie dog has always been considered a problem for American cattle ranchers. They dig holes that cattle and horses can step in and they eat grass necessary for cattle. Recently, ranchers have discovered that there is a de...


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